AXIS Toxicology & Clinical Lab Services is a full service clinical laboratory specializing in medical drug monitoring in the arena of controlled medications and illicit substances. We provide flexibility in our options to enable the provider to make decisions and choose monitoring that is compliant and medically necessary. Illicit and prescription drug misuse and patient non-compliance are growing issues for today’s healthcare professionals. We believe toxicology and clinical monitoring has become an integral tool in helping physicians achieve the highest level of patient care.

The Quality Assurance Program for our laboratory is consistent with the high standards of the medical laboratory industry and follows the guidelines established by the Department of Health and Human Services and the accreditation standards set by the College of American Pathologists. Quality assurance begins with the proper procedural documentation of every aspect of the laboratory service performed which includes specimen collection, specimen processing and accessioning, instrument maintenance, method calibration, data evaluation/review and results reporting. 

  • AXIS Toxicology & Clinical Lab Service is CLIA Certified.

  • CLIA Registration number (24D2131019)

  • Insurance: AXIS Clinicals LLC accepts all major insurance providers.


  • Address: AXIS Clinicals LLC, 1711 Center Ave West, Dilworth, MN 56529
  • Phone: (833) 294-7869
  • Email: axistox@axisclinicals.com


  • Ardeshir Khadang – Vice President
  • Dr. Adam Magyar – Lab Director
  • Scott Barrass – Director Business Development 


AXIS Toxicology & Clinical Lab Services is currently offering presumptive and definitive monitoring services on controlled medications and illicit substances.

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