AXIS Clinicals USA Announces Enhanced Clinical Pharmacology Capabilities

Dilworth, MN – AXIS Clinicals is pleased to announce the expansion of our US clinical site with the addition of 45 hospital beds, offering the flexibility of 225 total beds in four clinical units and one outpatient unit.  This addition compliments the original Dilworth facility design which was built to accommodate simultaneous studies of differing complexity.  The addition of hospital beds highlights the current expansion of AXIS Clinicals in the North American and International marketplace.  Likewise, this expansion enhances our capabilities to accommodate the complex project needs of the ever evolving pharmaceutical research industry.

“In addition of hospital beds to our existing phlebotomy recliners provides enhanced subject safety and flexibility while affording comfort in our clinical research facility.  This expansion effort supports our ongoing pharmacology studies for NDA, ANDA and 505(b)(2) filings as well as post-market product assessments.  AXIS USA continues to support our clinical and bioanalytical operations for Single-Ascending-Dose/Multiple Ascending Dose, FIH, and Drug-Drug-Interaction studies, Cardiac Safety, and Topical Products in addition to expedited projects and reports, and all under a single roof” said Dr. James  Carlson (Chief Scientific Officer).”

As a CRO focused in early clinical as well as offering support for bioavailability, bioequivalence and topical product programs, AXIS strategically continues to provide complete solutions for global filings ranging from study designs to integrated final reports.

About AXIS Clinicals USA:
AXIS Clinicals USA, a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO), is joined by the global sites of AXIS Mexico (Est. 2010), AXIS India (Headquarters & In-House Clinical Studies, Est. 2004) and Axis India (Patient and Clinical Endpoint Studies, Est. 2015).  AXIS USA offers the convenience of a purpose-designed 120,000 square foot facility to handle multiple studies simultaneously, including an in-house bioanalytical lab capable of handling over 15,000 samples per month, an on-site Dermatology Center, and a fully licensed, DEA registered Pharmacy.  With our global locations, we offer the flexibility and convenience of working with one company across multiple countries.

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John Pottier
Vice President, Business Development


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